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Product Slider

[sp-product-slider categories=”17″ title=””]


[sp-code][sp-product-slider categories=”17″ title=””][/sp-code]


  • custom_pick Product IDs separate each one with a comma. This setting supercedes categories.
  • categories Category IDs separate each one with a comma.
  • title The title you want to show for your slider.
  • count 6 How many items you would like to get.
  • randomize true / false. Randomizes the products on display.
  • order DESC / ASC. The sorting order ascending or descending.
  • items_visible 3 How many items visible in the slider at once.
  • auto_scroll false / true. Turn on auto scroll.
  • auto_scroll_interval 6000 How many seconds inbetween scrolls. 6000 for 6 seconds.
  • transition_speed 200 The animation speed between the slide transitions. 200 for 200ms.
  • circular true / false. Allow slider to loop around in circulars infinitely.
  • show_nav true / false. Shows hides the navigation arrows.
  • items_per_click 1 How many items to scroll by per click.
  • easing easeInOutQuad The animation easing effect to use during slide transitions. Refer to your theme documentation for list of easing options.
  • pause_on_hover true / false. Whether to pause the slider when mouse is hovered over.
  • custom_class Adds additional class so you can manipulate the styles for just this slider.
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